An athlete's view on steroids

There’s two things about adding a tincture to an oil based salve. 1) If the percentage of alcohol in the tincture is under 95% there is a risk of botulism because there are no preservatives in this recipe. 2) You need to pay attention to how much tincture used if you DO add it to the salve because it’s a liquid it will affect how solid the salve is by throwing the liquid to beeswax ratio off! The more tincture you add to the mix, you might want to add a tiny bit more beeswax ! Another problem with it might be that the mixture could separate too, depending on how much water is in the tincture. Getting waters/oils to emulsify can be tricky and many times people find that they end up separating later!

Born in Harrogate, diver Jack Laugher has established himself as one of Great Britain’s leading 3m individual and synchro divers. The country’s first ever World Junior Champion following double gold in Arizona in 2010, Jack competes at the highest level on a regular basis, including on home soil at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He enjoyed a highly successful 2015 season, winning world individual and synchro bronze as well as taking home the individual World Series title.

In his latest blog, Jack discusses officially making the team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, contending with diving outside in Brazil and what he and synchro partner Chris Mears hope will be their secret weapon.

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An athlete's view on steroids

an athlete's view on steroids


an athlete's view on steroidsan athlete's view on steroidsan athlete's view on steroidsan athlete's view on steroidsan athlete's view on steroids