Do professional athletes use steroids

1) The majority of studies show that a healthy person taking albuterol does not get a performance improvement. For one thing, except in a small, small % of athletes, ventilation (moving air) is not the limiting factor in performance. The lungs in a healthy person are not the limiting factor (aside from the above mentioned small % of athletes).
2) Clenbuterol is prohibited by the antidoping code. There are no exceptions.
3) EIB is not the same as ADHD. EIB is a reduction in lung function that is measured in a pulmonary function test. There are several tests that can be used. An athlete seeking permission to use one of the allowed meds must have proof of diagnosis. ADHD is less quantifiable.

Hi Vincent pro basketball player here 🙂 I agree mostly on everything and yes, of course that is possible to have a sports without government! Maybe more important that national leagues, you forgot to mention championships with national teams. National team is completely financed by the tax payers and a really big money is in those championships(and they last only for about two weeks). I don’t support championships with national teams for several reasons – funded by the tax payers money, creating unnecessary dividing between people on the bases of nationalism…i mean, stupid all together.
When it comes to professional national leagues it depends on a team – some teams are fully sponsored by the companies and some are mixed. For example, my last team, although from Europe, was fully financed by sponsor companies (they even made stadium). (But same goes for some teams from the NBA).
I will probably write a story about my experience from playing in Europe and how some professional leagues are fully based on a free market without government intervention. And it’s beautiful.

Do professional athletes use steroids

do professional athletes use steroids


do professional athletes use steroidsdo professional athletes use steroidsdo professional athletes use steroidsdo professional athletes use steroidsdo professional athletes use steroids