Sammy sosa steroid interview

While it could simply have been an attempt to clear up acne scars, Sosa’s nebulous explanation for his lighter skin suggests that other, possible self-esteem or social pressures could be at play, Breadon says. “Why would he do this?” she asks. Drawing from the experience of her own practice, she says that, every now and then a patient comes to her requesting powerful lightening creams solely for the purpose of whitening their skin. “Patients, who for whatever reason feel that the world is more receptive to lighter skin, have asked me to prescribe the bleaching creams so that they can get lighter,” she says, recalling more than a few fashion models who told her that lighter skin would enable them to get more work. “I’d never give that treatment to someone who didn’t have a disease or condition,” she says, and for those whom she does prescribe the treatment, she always recommends counseling as well—adjusting to a new skin color is not only a physical process, she says, but can also be an emotional one.

Finally, the major league baseball records affected by steroid use are presented in their unadulterated form, after adjusting the statistics of steroid users. The top 20 in every major statistical category affected by steroids, in both single-season and career records, are listed plainly, without qualification or asterisks. These are glimpses of the true record books that Major League Baseball has not seen fit to bring into being, being content with irrevocably tainted and meaningless records, in order to avoid bringing further attention to its sorry mismanagement of the sport.

Sammy sosa steroid interview

sammy sosa steroid interview


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